• 2017.

    R&D Chip Resistance Trimming Machine, Auto-Measuring Machine for Resistance, Chip Resistance AOI Machine.

  • 2016.

    R&D AOI for Six Sides Inspection Machine and Laser Maker fro electric Components.

  • 2015.

    R&D Plasma Cleaning Machine, Contact Angle Measuring Instrument and Full-Auto Rell Tapping Machine...etc.

  • 2014.

    R&D High Speed Loading Machine, Full Auto Del Dispenser and Laser Cutter for LED wafer.

  • 2013.

    Set up Carrier Tape Production Factory.

  • 2011.

    R&D the Nut Vision Sorting Machine and 6 Axis Robot Inspection Machine for special screw.

  • 2009.

    R&D Tooth Type Inspection Machine for the inner teeth of nut and Screw Vision Sorting Inspection Machine for QC Department.

  • 2008.

    Set up Screw Sorting Factory for sorting screw service.

  • 2007.

    R&D Control integration of Optical Vision Software with Auto-machine and Optical Sorting Machine.

  • 2006.

    Established in Ganshan